our vision & our mission

is to become an establishment in the ready-to-wear apparel manufacturing sector that has a high productivity, ethical, able to make a difference, sustainable and preferred.

is to become the priority choice of brands that globally give direction to fashion by adapting to innovation of the developing and changing world and customer expectations.

Our Values


With more than 40 years of experience, working with employee, customer and supplier focus and commitments to our promises we are strengthening our brand value as a reliable business partner.

Social Responsibility

It is our fundamental principle to work in accordance with international best practices and standards as a socially responsible company. We work meticulously in the areas of human rights, employee rights and ethical rules and we make it our duty to extend this culture to our business partners.

Openness To Change And Development

We follow the changes, alterations in standards and laws, technological developments and trends in our sector and we constantly improve our competitive structure and quality in the environment we exist in.

Environmental Sensitivity

We accept that working without harming the natural sustainability and the environment is fundamental in the continuation of our existence as people and company, we take care to produce solutions that make positive contributions to the environment and nature in all our activities.


We take conformance to laws as a basis in all our activities and we pay attention to traceability of our business processes. We share developments concerning our company with our business partners, employees, customers and suppliers, we make efforts to create a business environment that is open to information exchange and transparent. We believe that the concept of participatory management is one of the basic building blocks of corporate sustainability.

Being Solution Focused

We carefully consider the complaints and wishes of our customers, suppliers and employees, we produce the most suitable solution in the shortest time to increase the added value we produce.

Görkem Giyim, established in 1977, is among the well known woven garment producer and exporters in the global scale. Originated at a small workshop in Istanbul, today our enthusiasm still continues in our new Headquarters in Ataşehir/İstanbul and in our production factory in Sinop, generating monthly capacity of approx. 600,000 pcs.together with our production partners based both in Istanbul and Anatolia.